Corporate Governance Philosophy

The Company’s commitment to good corporate governance for enhancing the shareholders’ value remains unchanged. It’s belief, that such governance is critical in supporting corporate development, improving access to capital and increasing productivity and competitiveness, also remains unwavering. The Company, to enable attainment of the avowed objectives of quality corporate governance, is continuing to follow transparency in its dealings and laying emphasis on integrity, accountability and regulatory compliances. It’s important goal continues to be improvement in quality of life and meeting social responsibility and it sincerely expects that through good corporate governance it would be able to protect, augment and meet the trust and expectations of the shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, government agencies and the society. The Company has sought and will continue to seek corporate excellence and profits through ethics, passion and perseverance. The Company continues to follow the procedures and practices in conformity with the code of Corporate Governance as stipulated by SEBI.

Quality Policy

We are real estate developers and builders of Infrastructural, industrial and other projects of national importance aim to mitigate the housing problem of the country and improve its Infrastructural facilities through excellence in professional management, application of modern technology and rendering complete customer satisfaction.

The management is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System adopted and implemented throughout the organization to enhance customer’s satisfaction, by involvement & regular training of all members of the organization.


Share Transfer Agent

Stock Exchange Listing

Redressal of Investor(s) and seeking clarifications/ queries

In case you need any clarifications and have any investor queries/ grievances, please do write to any of the following officer(s) of the Company:-

Mr. Naresh Gupta/ Mr. Pawan Bisht
Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. 115, Ansal Bhawan, 16, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi-110001
Tel. No. +91-9871053419, 011-66038273/290
Email :

Fixed Deposit

  • 15. NCLT Order 25-04-2019
  • 14. NCLT Order 28-03-2019
  • List of Fixed Deposit as on 31-03-2019 (with tantative month & year of payment)
  • Payments for the month of January 2019
  • Hardship Order dated 02-01-2019 from December 2018 to March 2019
  • 13. NCLT Order 06-09-2018
  • 12. NCLT Order 19-07-2018
  • 11. NCLT Order 31-05-2018
  • 10. NCLT Order 05-04-2018
  • 9. NCLT Order 16-11-2017
  • 8. NCLT Order 13-07-2017
  • 7. NCLT Order 13.04.2017
  • 6. NCLT Order 1-03-2017
  • 5. NCLT Order 13-01-2017
  • 4. NCLT Order 20.12.2016
  • 3. NCLT Order 5-12-2016
  • 2. CLB Order 28-04-2016
  • 1. CLB Order 30-12-2014
  • Notice of Petition 23-12-16 Financial Express (E)
  • Notice of Petition 23-12-16 Jansatta (H)
  • Extract of CLB Order 30-12-2014
  • Nomination Form 2B
  • Form15G
  • Form15H

For any clarification/information/confirmation/others in connection with your deposits, please contact/addressed to:-

Vivek Padyal (Associate –FD)
Link Intime India Pvt Ltd. (FD Dept.)
Unit: Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. – Fixed Deposit Department
Address :C 101, 247 Park, L. B. S. Marg, Vikhroli West, Mumbai - 400083,
Tel No: +91 22 49186260 Fax: +91 22 49186060,
Timing(Monday to Friday (10.00am to 5.00pm )during office hours only)

Secretarial News / Corporate Announcement / Notices

Familiarization Programme

  • Familiarization Programme Attendance 2018-19
  • Familiarisation Programme Attendance 2017-18
  • Familiarisation Programme Attendance 2016-17
  • Independent Directors Familiarization Programme
  • Revised Independent Directors Familiarization Programme

Annual Reports

Financial Results

Shareholding Pattern

Unclaimed Dividend/ Shares/ Fixed deposits/ Interest/ IEPF

  • List of shareholders Shares to be Transfer
  • Published Notice for the attention of Shareholders English 4th-January-2019
  • Published Notice for the attention of Shareholders Hindi 04-January-2019
  • Published Notice for the attention of Shareholders Hindi 06-January-2019
  • Statement of unclaimed and unpaid amounts for Financial Year 2010-11 transferred to Investor and Education Protection Fund
  • Unpaid / Unclaimed Dividend 2010-11
  • Details of Shares Transferred to IEPF Demat Account
  • Investors Education and Protection Fund (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rule, 2016
  • Procedure to claim Refund from IEPF
  • Statement of shares transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund for Financial Year 2009-10
  • Statement of shares transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund for Financial Year 2010-11
  • Statement of amount credited to Investor Education and Protection Fund for Financial Year 2009-10
  • Statement of amount credited to Investor Education and Protection Fund for Financial Year 2010-11

AGM Results & Scrutinizers Report

APIL Criteria and Policies

  • Terms and Conditions- Independent Directors
  • Insider Trading Codes of Conduct & Fair Disclosure APIL
  • Board Diversity Policy 2017
  • Code of Conduct for Directors (Including Independent Directors) and Senior Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 2017
  • Criteria of making payment to Non Executive Directors of the Company
  • Model Criteria for Performance Evaluation of Board & Its Committee & Directors
  • Policy for Determination of Materiality of Event Information 2017
  • Policy for Material Subsidiary Companies 2017
  • Policy on Archival of Events and Information
  • Policy on Delegation of Power-Authorities Amending Policy 2017
  • Policy on Preservation of Documents 2017
  • Policy on Related Party Transactions 2017
  • Risk Management Policy 2017
  • Vigil Mechanism Whistle Blower Policy 2017
  • Policy on Remuneration of Directors, Key Managrial Personnel & Other Employees 2017