1. Love the locality and its ambiance, as I have visited many times and always wanted to live there.
  2. I like the prices of the plots - these have gone down over the last few years - so no complaints there. Please share your thoughts on if this is the right time to buy a 360 sq. yards plot or are we likely to see further decline, or rise?
  3. Not sure how the electricity and water situation is? A few years back, someone had commented that in summers there are huge power cuts. Dwarka, I was then told was an alternative as in Delhi the power cuts are much lesser.
  4. Connectivity - is there a chance of metro coming there? Are Autos and Cabs available like in Delhi? How about bus service?
  5. Safety - a few years back there were news of it being unsafe. Not sure as there are incidents everywhere, would like to hear about it in a balanced way in the right context.
  6. Are the new sectors 109,110,111 going to further enhance livability in PV by bringing in more infrastructure and facilities.


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  • City: Gurgaon
  • State: HARYANA
  • Country: INDIA