Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

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  • 07-30-19
Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

The Company at present has plans to launch 7 new projects during the current Financial Year. These projects will be of selling developed plots only - both Residential and Commercial. Details of these projects, which will be launched after taking approval from UPRERA and map approval from LDA, are as follows:-

Sl. No Project Name Address Total Number of Units 25% Reserved for Relocation
1. Commercial
(Ansal Business Park-II)
Sector - C
(Mother City)
44 11
2. Plotting (GH-2), adjoining Golf Course Sector - H
(Mother City)
206 51
3. Plotting (GH-1A)
(BT Park)
Sector - G
(Mother City)
148 37
4. Plotting (GH-3)
Sector - I
(Mother City)
380 95
5. Plotting (GH-1 (Part)) Sector-C
(Mother City)
12 3
6. Plotting (GH-4) Sector-M
(Mother City)
54 13
7. Plotting Sector-I Extention
(Mother City)
29 7
Total 873 217

The Company will keep on uploading the new projects, planned to be launched, on this site from time to time for the benefit of existing customers.

The Company offers plots under "25% Reserved for Relocation" to the person desirous of relocating to these new projects. The existing customers of the projects, which have not been launched so far, may apply on Company format to get themselves relocated to these new projects as per the existing company policy which has been formed in compliance of the RERA guidelines.

In case the number of applicants for a project are more than the plots available, the Company will draw project-wise priority list of the customers under the supervision of RERA and will make the allotment project-wise.

All interested customers may submit their relocation request on Company format, against acknowledgement of the Company, at the Company Lucknow office against each project, as & when launched, whose intimation will be put up on portal after receiving RERA Registration Number

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