Pranav Ansal’s Vivid Creation –The Sushant Golf City

Pranav Ansal’s Vivid Creation–The Sushant Golf City

Creating anything excellent and supreme requires knowledge, vision, dedication, passion and
most importantly love. Love for what you do and create, even before actually creating it! Mr.
Sushil Ansal, Chairman of Ansal API Group and Mr. Pranav Ansal, Vice Chairman & Managing
Director of Ansal API are pioneers in the world of creation. They have revolutionized the entire
retail real estate sector and transformed the look and feel of today’s infrastructure. No wonder,
they are the best real-estate developers in Delhi and also in other parts of India.

This father-son duo is accredited with numerous creations. Each creation is wonderful in its
own unique way. One of them is the renowned ‘Sushant Golf City’ in Lucknow. Ansal API is the
proud owner of turning the novel concept of residential real estate surrounded by a golf course
into a reality.

The Sushant Golf City is a hi-tech residential township spread across on the outskirts
of Lucknow. It is strategically located on the Lucknow-Sultanpur National Highway on Amar
Shaheed Path, Ring Road. It is well connected with the outside world through well paved roads,
and airport which is nearby. The township includes Residential and Commercial Plots, Villas,
Group Housing, Commercial Spaces/ Office Spaces and Commercial Business District.
It is well equipped with the basic as well as the most important amenities/facilities like health
centers and hospitals, schools and educational institutions, community facilities and clubs, and
sufficient green cover. The township has an efficient power distribution network and enjoys
regulated potable water supply along with solid waste management. It also has a well
developed sewer system.

pranav ansal
pranav ansal

Pranav Ansal’s other exclusive Projects

The development of Signature Townships of the Ansal API Group, namely Sushant City, Sushant Golf City, Sushant Lok, and many such great projects have been possible only because of Mr. Pranav Ansal’s novel thinking, innovative idea and hard work. Ansal API is one of the best real-estate developers in Delhi-NCR which provides residential property, commercial property, retail shops, hospitality, industrial property, Bank and facility management in U.P, Gurgaon, Punjab,
and Rajasthan etc.

Ansal API is one of the prominent real estate developers in Delhi. It keeps introducing new
residential projects in Delhi-NCR, India. It is also one of the top builders in Delhi. If you are
looking for the best property in Delhi-NCR or/and luxury flats in Delhi, Ansal API is the name to
look for. Even if you want to book super luxury apartments in Delhi, then also Ansal API is the
leading name.

Approaching to different States

Ansal API is already running and also keeps introducing the best projects in Delhi-NCR region.                                      It is the creator of various luxury projects in Delhi NCR. Under these projects, it has
constructed luxury flats in Delhi-NCR, and luxury apartments in Gurgaon. Ansal API has been
building high class flats of different accommodation in Delhi-NCR as well as flats in Gurgaon. It
has built 2 BHK flats in Delhi-NCR, 3 BHK flats in Delhi-NCR and 4 BHK flat in Delhi-NCR.
Ansal API, under the guidance of Mr. Pranav Ansal has expanded its realty sector in other states
also. Be it in the form of its 2 BHK Flats in Greater Noida West or its 2 BHK flat in Haryana, 2
BHK flat in Rajasthan or 3 BHK flat in Haryana, Ansal Group has constructed affordable flats in
Gurgaon, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan and set up promising property in Haryana as well.
Ansal API not only creates the best residential projects in Delhi-NCR, but also creates fantastic
commercial property and retail shops. It has established commercial property in Delhi-NCR,
retail shops in Delhi NCR, commercial property in Punjab, and even commercial property in
Rajasthan. The success of all these projects goes to Mr. Pranav Ansal who has carried on the
rich legacy of his visionary father and taken Ansal API to the next level as a leader among all the
real estate developers in India.

Besides expanding the business sectors, the Company has been fast expanding the geographical presence also in the last over four decades. In line with its motto of radically improving the lifestyle standards of people through creating state-of-the-art realty and infrastructure facilities and projects, Ansal API is committed to take on more and more challenging tasks in its areas of operations with increased focus and dedication in the coming years.

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