Sushil Ansal Family

Sushil Ansal’s Family

The Ansal family is known for their strong values, commitment, excellence and dedication to deliver the best. The family is also deeply involved in philanthropy. Chiranji Lal, Sushil Ansal’s father had founded the Human Welfare Mission, a body for the purpose of community welfare, which in 1976 was renamed as the Chiranjiv Charitable Trust by Sushil Ansal.

The Sushil Ansal Foundation also provides constant assistance to various NGOs and other community services. One of them is the Divya Chaya Trust, an organization that works for providing education and vocational training to the children and women of the economically weaker sections of the society. Kusum Ansal, Sushil Ansal’s wife is the trustee of Chiranjiv Karam Bhoomi and she whole heartedly manages the Divya Chaya Trust.

Sushil Ansal has imbibed numerous qualities and characteristics from his father. Like his father, Sushil is also blessed with far-sightedness, dynamism and professionalism. Not many people know that Chiranji Lal wanted him to study for the civil service examinations, but Sushil had made his mind to join the family contracting business.

Chiranji Lal, a clerk in the Northern Railways was not a native of Delhi. He was from Kahma (tehsil Nawashahr) in Punjab’s Jalandhar district. He was a dreamer, a visionary. He had established the Teachers Tutorial Corporation (TTC), a small-scale business with his friend for training teachers for working at schools. The Ansals lived in a two-room flat on Panchkuin Road.

Pranav Ansal, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Ansal API is also as enterprising and resourceful as his father, Sushil Ansal. A graduate from Delhi University’s Hans Raj College, Mr. Pranav Ansal is a renowned industrialist who is accredited with bringing about a retail revolution in India. He played a pivot role in the Mall revolution that took place in the country, with the establishment of the first mall – ‘Ansal Plaza.’

He had joined the family contracting business in 1995 as a management trainee. Since then he has been successfully carrying on the strong legacy of Sushil Ansal. With his dynamism and dedication, he has not only maintained the great stature of Ansal API, but has also taken it at the apex.


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