Sushil Ansal Foundation’s Contribution towards Shanti Sahyog

Sushil Ansal Foundation’s Contribution towards Shanti Sahyog

About Shanti Sahyog

Shanti Sahyog is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that operates in 16 urban slums in Kalkaji/Govindpuri area of New Delhi. It manages various projects in diverse sectors like education, health care, legal aid and consulting, women empowerment, skill development and shelters for the homeless. Shanti Sahyog has also been providing vocational training to numerous poor and deprived women for over six years in Delhi wherein they are taught skills like tailoring, embroidery, etc. which leads to their empowerment and economic independence. Sushil Ansal  Foundation support Shanti Sahyog.

The Shanti Sahyog Health Centre is one of the wings of Shanti Sahyog. It provides both preventive as well as curative health care to the families inhabiting the slums areas in and around Kalkaji.

Life in Urban Slums

People living in urban slums often lack access to even the most basic amenities like healthcare, education, drainage. Problems like overcrowding, rise in crime rates, substance and sexual abuse further add fuel to the fire. Unemployment, illiteracy and low mortality rate is yet another common scenario that exists in most of the urban slums.

Sushil Ansal Foundation’s Contribution

Sushil Ansal Foundation is one of the strongest supporters and major contributors to the development of Shanti Sahyog. It has been funding Shanti Sahyog Health Centre, Kalkaji since 2007. The foundation not only offers monetary support, but also provides moral help and assistance to this NGO.

Sushil Ansal Foundation/Ansal API Group has played an instrumental role in the renovation and restart of a non-functional heath centre of Shanti Sahyog in Kalkaji. It has even been supporting the healthcare initiatives of Shanti Sahyog by providing free of cost medicines and other philanthropic services to the underprivileged people. This enables the destitute people to receive medicines and improve their health condition which they otherwise would not have been able to afford on their own. In this way, the Sushil Ansal Foundation reaches out to more than 850 families living in the sum areas in Kalkaji.

The foundation works relentlessly for the upliftment of the economically weaker section of the society. Every year, thousands of destitute and deprived people receive health care facilities and treatment from doctors at the Shanti Sahyog Health Care Centre and Sushil Ansal Foundation is a proud partner in this community service initiative.

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